By leaving a bequest, you can make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people who have experienced abuse and neglect. Here are some options if you decide to leave a bequest to Little Stars Kids:



The remainder of your estate after family and friends have been provided for.



A nominated percentage of your estate.



A nominated amount of money or a specific gift such as artwork or property.


If you wish to leave a bequest to Little Stars Kids in your will, you may like to use the following wording however we recommend that you first seek legal advice before changing your will.

1.      I give free of all duties and charges the sum of $[INSERT] to Little Stars Kids Pty Ltd ABN 48 602 704 781 ("the Organisation") of 3521 Pacific Highway, Springwood, Queensland and I declare that:

       (a)     any distribution is for the general purposes of the Organisation absolutely;

       (b)     I have a general charitable intent. By that I mean if at any time the Organisation for any reason is unable to accept the gift, then my Personal Representative, with the direction of the Supreme Court, is empowered to pay the gift to                       another charitable organisation which in the opinion of my Personal Representative has as near as practicable the same or similar purposes and methods as the Organisation;

       (c)     the receipt of the financial controller, treasurer or proper officer for the time being of the Organisation is a sufficient discharge to my Personal Representative.

(Add the Springwood Address instead of the Brisbane City Adelaide address…)


Make a tax deductible gift today and help bring a smile to a little face. All and any help is welcomed!

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