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About Us


Currently there are over 10,000 children in out of home care in Queensland. Children enter care due to a myriad of reasons including physical, emotional, sexual abuse and neglect.

Once children are in foster care, their journey has only just begun. They require therapy and intensive support to deal with the trauma of abuse and the subsequent secondary traumas related to being a child in care.

You are a caring individual or company that wants to help make a difference and believes the situation children are born into should not determine their future. With your support and our expert tutors and support, we can break the cycle and give kids in care a brighter future.

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Welcome to Little Stars Kids

Little Stars Kids is a registered charity and holds DGR1 status. Little Stars Kids provides early intervention and trauma informed tutoring programs to improve outcomes for young people living in foster care.

Our mission is to help young people who have experienced abuse and neglect to engage in learning in a positive way and build confidence and self- esteem to enable them to thrive not only at school, but in life. 

Creating positive engagement with early learning can be the impetus a child needs to break the cycle of trauma and lead a happy and successful life.


Little Stars Kids was born out of a desire to provide early intervention programs with a difference for young people who have experienced abuse and neglect.

Founder Lisa Honeychurch studied psychology and law and has practised as an employment and litigation lawyer for over 27 years with a focus on social justice issues including discrimination, bullying and advocating for the rights of those who need a voice.  This led Lisa to advocating for the rights of the child in a litigation role in her later years of practising law.

Bringing together her interest in law, social justice and psychology and seeing the struggles foster children experience firsthand through her advocacy work led Lisa to establish Little Stars Kids in 2016

Lisa believes that early intervention is key to changing the lives of children living in foster care. If children can build confidence and engagement with learning despite the challenges of trauma, they can start to build hope for the future and a belief in themselves which can change their life trajectory in a positive way.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Lisa Honeychurch

Kerri Chard

Tristan Van Riel

Randall Bryson

Katie Taylor

Meet Our Team

Lisa Honeychurch

CEO & Founder

Lisa is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and has practised as a lawyer for over 20 years. Lisa has experience in advocating for the rights of the child in a litigation role and a non -adversarial role. She founded Little Stars Kids in 2016 and was nominated as a finalist in the Queensland Community Foundation Emerging Philanthropists Category in 2019 for her work with children who have experienced abuse and neglect.

Katie Vaughan

Program Administrator

Katie’s role is to handle the day-to-day running of our Little Stars Learners Program and Community Engagement Program. She began working with Little Stars Kids in March 2019 after having spent 10 years at home, being a mother to her children. The majority of her working career prior to this was spent supporting a successful team of Financial Advisers in the high-pressure world of Mergers and Acquisitions.

Kerri Chard

Consultant & Trainer

Kerri Chard has worked with Little Stars Kids to create the trauma-based training program all tutors undergo. She is a leading voice in Child Protection with a background in psychology and over two decades of professional experience.
She has developed award winning interventions within the Education sector, assisting schools to better understand complex developmental trauma and support children in the education system as well as bringing trauma informed curriculums into the classroom.
Kerri is Queensland’s leading Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) practitioner, and is well known for her passionate yet pragmatic approach to the complex issue of Child Protection.

With trauma informed tutoring, kids in foster care
can break the cycle and live a successful and fulfilling lives

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