Camp Programs

Little Stars Kids runs camp programs in Queensland for children  living in long-term foster care. Our day camp programs are designed to help children recover from abuse and neglect. We do this  by providing children with a safe place to build positive relationships with other adults and children, and gain a sense of belonging through fun, laughter, new experiences, adventure and play.  Once children start with the program they can remain until age 18. Current intake ages are between 4 and 10 years of age.

Children who have experienced abuse are far more likely to experience long term adverse life outcomes including mental health (higher rates of depression, anxiety and suicide), physical health (higher rates of illness and disease) and relationship issue (marital breakdown, joblessness, isolation).  Research has shown that these adverse outcomes can be minimised significantly if children can build positive relationships and have more positive experiences to aid their recovery.

Our camp programs involve children participating in four day camps per year, on an ongoing basis. At camp, all children will experience activities such as canoeing, low ropes, team challenges, farm experiences as well as just being in nature. Camps are held at various locations throughout Brisbane and South-East Queensland.

Each child has a dedicated one-on-one adult buddy who is specifically matched with them at the beginning of their camp journey. Their relationship is ongoing. On each return to camp, the relationship with the buddy as well as other children grows into a long-term connection where the children  create life-long friends and memories through experiences.

Often children have never had the one-on-one attention they experience at our camps.  It is incredibly special to see how this impacts the children in a positive and meaningful way and we are seeing measurable changes in children’s confidence, relationships and schooling.

“Little Stars Kids Camps offer children an amazing adventure each time they go! The activities are pure fun and are clearly chosen with care to suit the developmental needs of the children.”

Lisa, Foster Carer