Cuddle Cases

Sadly, when children are removed from a situation of neglect and abuse they feel scared, alone, confused and are unsure of what is happening to them. They need to know that someone cares and be provided with some reassurance, hope and comfort. Children entering foster care are usually given a plastic bag to quickly move their few belongings. More often than not, children wait in a Department office with nothing but the clothes they are wearing, waiting for a placement with a foster family.

Little Stars Kids Cuddle Cases provide each child with something positive, comforting and reassuring in what is an extremely traumatic time. A teddy bear to cuddle can mean the world to a child who is alone and scared and help them feel that none of what is happening is their fault.

Our cuddle cases are delivered to child safety centres so that they are there ready when a child enters care and is waiting for a foster placement. Our cuddle cases provide a child with their very own case filled with new items like a teddy bear, quilt, bathroom kit, drink bottle and lunch box for school, activity and crayon sets and much more. For older children, backpacks are also provided with essentials that are age appropriate.

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We welcome all applications from various organisations and individuals including the Department of Child Safety, Office of the Public Guardian and Foster Agencies.

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