Little Star Learners ®


Little Star Learners ®


About the Program

Little Stars Learners provides weekly one-on-one, in-home trauma-informed tutoring for young people in long term foster care residing in South East Queensland.

Our university level tutors have all undergone specialised trauma training, validated by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) research.

They understand the impact of abuse and neglect on the developing brain, the significant educational obstacles facing children in care and have the skills to work with children in a trauma-informed way.

How Little Stars Learners ® Works

Tertiary Educated Tutors

We select tertiary level tutors with an interest in working with children who have experienced

QUT Validated Trauma Training

Tutors undergo comprehensive training on child care & protection, the impact of trauma and how to
work with neurodivergent learners

Weekly Tutoring Sessions

Tutors conduct 10 x 1-hour tutoring sessions each term with kids in care to develop skills and build confidence & self-esteem

Weekly Progress Reports

Tutors submit weekly session summaries on each child’s progress. These are sent to the carers, foster agencies, and Child Safety Officers to ensure collaboration for the best interests of the child.

Kids Become Little Stars

The students improve their numeracy & literacy skills helping them catch up with their peers and get the life-changing gift of a brighter future.

Get the Support You Need

Little Stars Kids provides personalised and ongoing support to children enrolled in the program and their foster families.

We also work closely with stakeholders, including Child Safety Officers, foster agencies, teachers and other experts working with the child to ensure they get the most out of the program.

Request an Information Kit

Discover more about our trauma-informed tutoring program for kids in South East Queensland living in long term foster care by requesting a Little Stars Learners Information Kit.

We are currently taking applications for the 2023 program, which closes on 14th October 2022.

Request an Information Pack

Who Can Apply

We accept applications from the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs, foster agencies and schools.

Organisations may apply for a child to join the Little Stars Learners Program if the criteria for lodging an application are met.

Foster carers can approach their CSO or foster agency to enquire as to whether funding might be available to assist a child in their care in joining the program.

If funding is not available through any of these sources, foster carers may apply for a Little Stars Learners Scholarship.

How We’re Different

You may have heard about other programs and wonder how Little Stars Learners is different.

  • Our paid tutors are university students, mainly studying education or psychology
  • They understand modern trauma-informed teaching methods
  • They understand that connection and safety is critical to learning
  • They have undertaken significant training in maths and literacy tuition
  • They understand and are familiar with the Australian Curriculum but have modern and fun ways of teaching the critical elements of maths and English which help children engage with learning
  • They are comprehensively trained by a Trust Based Relational Intervention specialist on the impact of trauma on developing brains and how to work with children who have experienced trauma
  • They provide detailed weekly written email updates on literacy, maths and engagement
  • They work with teachers, carers and stakeholders to improve educational outcomes

Little Stars Learners is the first and only program of its kind to deliver professional trauma-informed academic tutoring to school children in South East Queensland. Our tutors are fun, vibrant, energetic and as students themselves can relate well to the children they work with.

Give Kids in Care a Brighter Future


“Brilliant concept. It is almost expected that kids in care will have poorer educational outcomes.  Little Stars Learners ensures kids in care are not left behind”

“It is helping him re-engage with learning. There are other tutoring services but with this one these is no judgement about his school situation or behaviour.”

“He does poorly in a classroom but is engaged during tutoring. He has learnt to read analogue clocks independently and excitedly does set homework”

Become a Supporter

We couldn’t make the impact we do without the support of generous sponsors like yourselves.

Download a free Little Stars Learners Supporter Kit to discover more about the program, how we help and how you can get involved.

Download Supporters Kit

Select Your Level of Sponsorship

  • Sponsor a child to be part of our Little Stars Learners program (per term)


Sponsor a child to be part of our Little Stars Learners program

Select the level of support you would like to provide, from a single term right through to a whole years’ worth of academic tutoring for a child living in long term care.

Thank you for your generosity!

Partnership Opportunities

We believe in partnering with our supporters. Get in touch with our team to discuss opportunities such as participating in the Bridge to Brisbane, holding corporate morning teas, organising a walk or trek and other events in support of Little Stars Kids. Sign up through our Fundraising page where you can create events and share your events to raise funds through social media.

We can also share your events and your successes in raising funds for Little Stars Kids through our social media and external communications.

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