Creating Brighter Futures

Trauma-Informed Educational Support for Young People in Foster Care

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Join the ‘Star Jumps for Little Stars’ challenge

Have fun, get fit and help kids in foster care close the education gap & have the hope of a brighter future!


Join the ‘Star Jumps for Little Stars’ challenge

Have fun, get fit and help kids in foster care close the education gap & have the hope of a brighter future!


Creating Brighter Futures

Trauma Informed Tutoring for Young People living in Foster Care

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The education gap between children in care and their peers tends to begin at a young age, increases as they get older, and persists through their lives.

When children miss the basics of reading and writing, it can adversely affect self-esteem, confidence and reinforce negative self-beliefs.

Poor educational outcomes can lead to young people disengaging with the school system, joblessness, crime, drug abuse, mental health issues, youth pregnancy and a continuation of the cycle of abuse for offspring.

Creating positive engagement with learning can be the impetus a child needs to break the cycle and develop a hope-filled vision for a brighter future.


Education Support Mentors

Get results with trauma-trained Education Support Mentors who understand the trauma and challenges of being a child in care.

Improved Numeracy & Literacy

Educational Support Mentors conduct 36 weekly sessions throughout the program to develop skills and build self-esteem.

Weekly Session Summaries

Reports are submitted on each child’s progress. These are sent to the carers, foster agencies, Child Safety Officers (and teachers on request).

The Little Stars Learners® Program

The Little Stars Learners Program provides holistic weekly one-on-one, trauma-informed educational support for young people living in care.

Our tertiary-level Educational Support Mentors have undergone specialised comprehensive training to equip them with the skills necessary to work with children who have experienced complex trauma and require additional learning support. Our training has been validated by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

If you wish to apply for a spot in our 2024 program, please check the enrolment criteria and complete an application form by Friday 20th October, 2023.

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“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela

We understand the impact of developmental trauma on a child’s ability to learn and function within a classroom setting. We also understand the significant obstacles facing children in care and the flexibility needed to achieve positive outcomes in learning.

  • Little Stars Kids adopts a holistic relationship-based approach in providing educational support.
  • Education Support Mentors undergo QUT validated trauma training and are supported throughout the year by experienced psychologists and educational consultants.
  • We work directly with the QLD Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs (CYJMA), foster agencies, carer and schools to achieve optimal outcomes for children.

Become a Little Stars Learner ®


1. Request an Information Pack

Request a Little Stars Learners Information Pack then book a time to talk with our team to ensure the program suits your needs.

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2. Secure Funding

Secure program funding from the foster agency, CYJMA or using the Complex Needs Support Allowance and complete an application form for our 2024 program.

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3. Become a Little Star Learner

Create stronger numeracy and literacy skills with specialised trauma-informed in home educational support.


Want to enrol a young person living in foster or kinship care into the Little Stars Learner program, but unable to obtain funding?

Little Stars Kids is able to provide a limited number of scholarships to children who are unable to secure alternate funding. The 12-month program is made available through the support of our generous donors and sponsors.

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We’re Hiring

Are you interested in becoming an Education Support Mentor? We’re searching for enthusiastic university students to provide one-on-one academic support to primary and secondary-aged school students.

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“Brilliant concept. It is almost expected that kids in care will have poorer educational outcomes.  Little Stars Learners ensures kids in care are not left behind”

“It is helping him re-engage with learning. There are other tutoring services but with this one these is no judgement about his school situation or behaviour.”

“He does poorly in a classroom but is engaged during tutoring. He has learnt to read analogue clocks independently and excitedly does set homework”

With trauma-informed in home academic support, kids in foster care
can break the cycle and have the hope of a brighter future.

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