Creating a better life for kids in foster care

Little Stars Kids is a charity dedicated to creating a better life for children who have experienced abuse and neglect. We are committed to helping children in long-term foster care, to help heal little hearts through our various programs.  Children can build positive relationships, learn to trust and believe in themselves, and start to heal from abuse and neglect.


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Every donation, big or small, adds value to the lives of all our amazing children


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A word from our Founding Director, Lisa Honeychurch Van Riel

“Sometimes it’s easier to do nothing because a problem can seem so overwhelming, and you wonder if you can really make a difference. But as we all know, the way to create change in the world is to help one person at a time. By volunteering with Little Stars Kids, I promise you will make a difference to the life of a child, and will cherish the journey you are about to embark on for years to come.”

Help heal little hearts


Become a Little Stars Kids volunteer. It’s so rewarding helping kids gain happiness and making a contribution to develop their future is a selfless experience.