Cuddle Cases Program

We are committed to ensuring that children do not enter care with a plastic bag or nothing, but rather that all children entering care are given a beautiful Case or Bag with their own personal items to support them as they begin their journey in foster care.  We believe that children entering care should be given all the support, comfort and help they need to heal and navigate the difficult journey ahead, starting with a Cuddle Case.   We believe that children should be supported to heal from abuse through connection to a caring community which Little Stars Kids provides through our Community Engagement Programs.  We are also dedicated to ensuring that children in care do not fall behind in schooling and suffer poor educational outcomes due to the complex issues they have faced and continue to face as a result of the trauma and removal from their family of origin. We therefore support children through our Little Stars Learners Program which provides academic tutoring to children in long term foster care so that they can  achieve success in schooling and have the tools to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

What is a Cuddle Case

A Cuddle Case is an age appropriate suit case, back pack or duffle bag which has been packed to include items that children need when they enter care.  These include a teddy bear, quilt, pillow, toiletry bag, items for school and age appropriate books with beautiful message.  Our Cuddle Cases are new and contain all new items, because we think that after all these children have been through and will continue to go through while in foster care, the least we can do is give them something special of their own.  After all, when children are removed, they usually leave everything behind and are traumatised on many levels and need something positive and kind. A gift of a Cuddle Case can help a child feel less scared and alone and the power of that kindness cannot be underestimated.  For many children, that moment of removal is one they will never forget – adding some kindness can help to shine a light in the darkness.

How can you help?

If you are an individual or corporate entity, you can help us through donating cases, holding a fundraiser at your work for items of donations,  or providing corporate sponsorship to support our Cuddle Cases Program.  If you would like to donate items,  please email us at and we can outline what we need.